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EHAI Equality Policy Statement

EHAI Equality Policy Statement

The foundation for equality in the workplace is the Employment Equality Act, 1998 which promotes equality and prohibits discrimination in the workplace across the nine grounds of gender, marital status, family status, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion and membership of the Traveller community. It is from this foundation that further steps can be taken to further equality and which should find expression in an employment equality policy.

The EHAI is committed to equality in employment and service provision and anti harassment.  It is the policy of EHAI to deliver all its programmes and services to Learners in line with equality legislation and guidelines.

In order to achieve this, the EHAI will ensure that all those involved in or in contact with us are treated equitably and fairly, individual needs and diversity shall be accommodated and every effort will be made to combat discrimination & harassment.

All EHAI staff will be trained to ensure they are familiar with their responsibilities under equality legislation so that they are able to deliver & adapt our services to cater for the needs of Learners, with particular regard to those covered under the nine grounds of equality legislation.

EHAI will regularly audit our activities under equality requirements and will plan for continuous improvement in our equality practices.

The EHAI agree to:

·         Communicate on employment equality with employees, clients, business contacts and service providers.

·         Develop equality of opportunity in recruitment and selection processes, including

·         advertising.

·         Include positive actions as allowed under equality legislation for people with disabilities, women, members of the Traveller community and older worker, and accommodate employees with disabilities.

·         Accomodate diversity across the nine grounds and develop necessary workplace

·         flexibilities.

·         Build-in equality into job orientation in the workplace.

·         Integrate the equality dimension into training, work experience and employment

·         counselling opportunities.

·         Develop equality of opportunity in promotions and progression including job regarding or reclassification.

·         Develop a network with other enterprises and public bodies to ensure best practice on equality of opportunity in your organisation.

·         Evaluate, monitor and review your equality policies and practices.



1st May 2011


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