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Environmental Health Complaints

The Association's function is to promote Environmental Health and to educate, advise and heighten the awareness of Environmental Health issues among the public and the profession.

The EHOA are not the enforcement body for the investigation of complaints. 

Please see information below on the correct body to contact depending on the type of complaint you wish to make.

Food Safety Complaints

It is very important if you have a complaint regarding a food business or product or a suspected food poisoning case that it is brought to the attention off the Environmental Health Service, so that it can be investigated. If other people report illness or problems associated with similar products or premises, your report could help identify a potential food poisoning outbreak or breakdown in food safety systems.There are two ways of making a complaint to the Environmental Health Service contact your local Environmental Health Officer or contact the Food Safety Authority of Ireland on Lo call 1890 336677 or . They will pass your complaint onto the relevant Environmental Health Officer.

Tobacco Complaints

If you have a complaint about people smoking in a work-place or any breach of tobacco legislation  first bring the matter to the attention of the person in charge, if your complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily  contact your local Environmental Health Service or call the Office of Tobacco Control compliance line: 1890 333100 or log on to

Pest Contol

Controlling and eliminating pests such as rats, mice and insects is important as they are not only highly unpleasant but pose a danger to health. The EHO has the legal power to deal with infested premises or land however the responsibility to rid a premises or land of rodents rests primarily with the person occupying it. click here to contact your Environmental Health Officer


Excessive and unwanted noise is a growing problem of modern life and it is often the cause of great annoyance and even health affects. Controlling noise is yet another of the EHO’s functions. To do this effectively, he/she must be able to use evaluate and measure noise sources and must have a good knowledge of how to reduce, mitigate, or eliminate noise from all types of sources. The range of noise sources may include loud machinery or industrial plant near your home, a noisy building site, or noise from nightclubs – if the EHO is satisfied that the particular noise is a nuisance, they can initiate legal proceeding in order to abate the nuisance. The EHO’s advice is sought in connection with planning applications to eliminate noise during the construction phase and when the premises is finally operational.

Click here to contact your Environmental Health Officer

Report a risk to public health

A risk to public health can take the form of a blocked drain, rotting organic waste (e.g. a dead animal) or anything else that poses a risk to human or animal health. These are often called 'public health nuisances'. 

Click here to contact your Environmental Health Officer


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