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Sports For Africa 2006

John Shelly Bursary 2006

The 2006 recipient was Sport for Africa – Development of facilities and services for Kokwe Children’s School in Kokwe,Zambia, Africa, nominated by South Eastern Branch of EHOA.

From left to right: Ann Marie Part, Chairman EHOA, Mr Larry Byrne, St Helens Bay G. C.,
Mrs John Shelley, Mr Lorcan Shelley, Tom Sugrue, S.E. Branch EHOA,
Mrs Marie Byrne, St Helens Bay G. C.

Overview of Project

In 2004 , the members of St. Helens Bay Golf Club and friends undertook to raise funds to build a girls secondary school in Zambia for the Kiltegan Missionaries. The members enthusiastically raised funds through a golf classic, sponsorship and selling books of raffle tickets. A missionary Fr. Ned Ryan, a Tipperary man addressed a packed clubhouse in September 2005 when the presentation of the money was made, where he outlined the vital need for a school, especially for girls, for his remote impoverished parish.

The end result was a new secondary school, built and roofed in a small village named Kokwe, about 1 hour from Chipata in the south east of Zambia. It was constructed without the aid of plans, electricity, essential construction equipment or running water. To date €60,000 has been raised to finance the building of a 9 classroom school, an administration block for teachers and a toilet/shower block. Initially they intended to facilitate only girls however they are currently building two dormitories for 120 boys and 120 girls. Currently the money which has stretched quite unbelievably is going toward purchase of materials and wage payment. Wages are an essential part of the expenditure however are relatively low eg for 27 men per week it costs €450. Six representatives from St.Helens Bay in Rosslare Harbour travelled in 2005 to view first hand the school that they had helped finance.

Project’s Future and Needs

The initial financial injection has brought the project to the stage of providing a shell and although the locals are extremely self sufficient, there are still some very important services required to provide a functional school for the children. Electricity, water supply, cooking facilities, furniture, a medical centre and other equipment are still required. An electricity generator is also badly needed to provide power for the school and for operation of water supply pump. Some equipment such as desks, beds and furniture are ingeniously designed and made by locals from cheap local materials. However some equipment is not available and has to be ordered and shipped at quite a high expense. It is hoped to raise more funds to provide this necessary equipment for the children’s school. The project is co-ordinated by the Kiltegan Priests in conjunction with Larry Byrne and Tiernan Byrne from St.Helens Bay who that ensure every penny goes directly into the project.

Benefits of Bursary to the Project

1. Exhaustive situational analysis of environmental health issues has been carried out in Zambia. These issues are centred around the four sectors of water, food, air and shelter. Support of the project will benefit these core environmental health issues in Kokwe, Zambia.

2. As Zambia struggles against crushing poverty and a rampant HIV/AIDs epidemic, it’s success in getting more children into school holds out a glimmer of hope. On most of the Millenium Development Goals(MDG’s) targets, Zambia is moving backwards. However since the new government removed tuition fees two years ago, the number of out of school children has halved. This achievement is especially important because schools are the frontline in Zambia’s battle to slow the spread of AIDS.In a country where some 40% of rural women are illiterate, improving education is crucial to keep the next generation from the infecton. Support of the project will improve the likelihood of a young local from Kokwe receiving an education.

3. One in 5 People are infected with HIV in Zambia. Life expectancy has dropped to 33 years in some areas of the country and young people aged 20-25 actually have less education than their parents generation. Provision of education will benefit by reducing the likelihood of young people in Kokwe getting infected with HIV/AIDS.

4. As part of Zambia’s national strategy objective to create an enabling environment with support mechanisms to facilitate individuals, households and communities the John Shelley Bursary will be helping to improve environmental sanitation conditions and hygiene practices to prevent transmission of disease.

5. Provision of proper cooking facilities in the school would benefit them greatly to ensure a good standard of food safety for the children.

6. Provision of funds to aid in the construction of a medical centre at the school would greatly benefit the locals of Kokwe as the nearest medical centre is 7 ½ hours walk.

7. The cost of construction equipment and materials for a school in Zambia can sometimes be a tenth of what it costs in Ireland. Therefore, the John Shelly Bursary would provide invaluable tangible benefits at this stage of the project.

Zambia Country Profile

• Population: 11 million (UN, 2005)
• Capital: Lusaka
• Area: 752,614 sq km (290,586 sq miles)
• Major language: English (official), Bemba, Lozi, Nyanja, Tonga
• Major religions: Christianity, indigenous beliefs, Hinduism, Islam
• Life expectancy: 38 years (men), 37 years (women) (UN)
• Monetary unit: 1 Kwacha = 100 ngwee
• Main exports: Copper, minerals, tobacco
• GNI per capita: US $490 (World Bank, 2006)
• Internet domain: .zm
• International dialling code: +260


Larry Byrne (053) 9133234
Tiernan Byrne (053) 9133234

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